Saturday, 1 December 2012

This past week I began Visceral Hatred, it's a Death Metal project in a similar vein to Autopsy. I have since Sunday finished the first demo, SPAWNED INTO DEPRAVITY. It will be out in the next couple of weeks, for free download or a small fee (£1), I haven't decided yet. Frostbitten stuff will always be free to download, but I am starting other projects, that will require money to buy things as more people are involved. Visceral Hatred is only me however, and it is at a much higher standard than frostbitten (not a mistake in sight) and it's quite technical. There are 8 songs, and the demo's about 12 minutes long. It's short, brutal and doesn't take it's time (as opposed to some of my work ie Nocturnal Hypnosis). Please download and tell me what you think when it comes out, because I am very excited for this project and can't wait to make more output. I also think many of you will be pleasantly surprised. Also at some point I will make a large .zip folder for all my Frostbitten work of 2012, don't expect any more this year though. It will contain some unreleased tracks.


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