Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Just uploading Frostbitten MMXII onto media-fire now. I am 17 today, it marks the end of an era. The era of Frostbitten's inception, things get very different from now, I am starting to write new frostbitten things, things will be heavier, not necessarily more extreme but heavier. My guitar is now permanently tuned at drop-C for Visceral Hatred but this has also helped create some really melodic riffs. There might also be a heavier influence on drone, I am starting to create very atmospheric pieces, one of which is called 'The Pagan Tomb' it hasn't got very far in writing but expect it to be one of the longest Frostbitten songs. I will release more music in 2013.

The download has to be split into 2 parts:

 Part I - http://www.mediafire.com/?g7ydi4yb4bg24wo
Part II - http://www.mediafire.com/?k7ezvx7upnec2ub


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